3rd Degree the Podcast Episode 81 now available

Our usual trio unpacks the Reggie Cannon and Dan Hunt quotes that have seen the pair at loggerheads – with the raw audio of both for you to judge for yourself. We take a look back on FC Dallas’ 1-0 win over that Dastardly Peter Vermes and his Sporting Kansas City. Buzz explains the new MLS reserve league and whether FC Dallas will participate or jettison USL League One.

The guys even unbox a present from the wonderful Pappy Check.

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  1. To Peter’s question about what’s wrong with the attack: I think it’s a combination of (1) a lack of time together – reminder that Jara’s only been playing for two months with this team and Ricaurte barely a month – they’re playing ok, but but they need time, and (2) struggles for contributions from the LW and 8 spots – Picault and Acosta just aren’t adding enough right now in the attack (both are helping a bunch in defense, though).

    Specifically at the 8, if Ricaurte is gonna orchestrate from deeper, they need someone to position off of Jara and receive in front of defense (like Tessmann in the 43rd minute from Acosta).

  2. totally agree on Followill & Davis. I also think they are the best local broadcast team in MLS. But i actually think its because Davis isn’t an ex-player/coach that makes him so good. Too many ex-players are given to trite cliche’s and conventional thinking when it comes to providing analysis in the booth. Davis generally avoids that kind of comment – most of his comments are more thoughtful. And as the podcast says, he’s very even-handed in his assessment of the team, rarely a homer.

    The one criticism i have of Davis is he doesn’t express himself decisively enough – he tones down a lot of his criticism and praise. I think that’s great in a one-on-one conversation with people but when you’re the color commentator on a sports broadcast people expect more HSOs. I actually wish Davis would channel Shepp Messing a few times a match just to liven things up.

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