2011 FC Dallas Roster Dance

Last updated: 3/10/11

Senior Roster (18 to 20)

MLS rosters are expanding to 30.  Players 1 to 20 are on the senior roster and have to fit in the salary cap.  (MLS teams may carry only 18 players on this senior roster if they wish)

FCD has 8 international slots in 2010 with 6 currently filled.

1David Ferreira(I1) Colombian, (8/9/79)
2Daniel HernandezRe-signed for 2010.  US M/D (7/23/76)
3Jair Benitez(I2) Colombian LB, (1/11/79).
4Marvin Chávez(I3) Honduran MF, (11/3/83)
5Brek SheaPromoted from GA. MF US U20. (2/28/90).
6Ugo IhemeluUS D. (4/3/83)
7George JohnUS CB. (3/20/87)
8Kevin HartmanUS GK.
9Zach LoydM/D US
10Jackson(I4) 22 year old M/D from São Paulo, Brazilian.
11Eric AlexanderUS M
12Milton Rodriguez(I5) 34 year old Colombian striker
13Eric AvilaPromoted from GA 2011. MF US U23. (11/24/87)
14Bruno GuardaBrazil MF. (2/6/86) Promoted to senior roster for 2011. Green card
15Ricardo Villar(I6) Barry Gorman’s handpicked McCarty replacement.
16Chris SeitzDario Sala replacement. US GK.
17Andrew JacobsonUS D-mid. Acquired from Philly.
18Fabian CastilloEx-Chivas USA, Cuban F
19Mykel GalindoUS D-mid. Acquired from Philly.
20Open SpotAfter Kyle Davies waived
Edson EdwardUS D, on IR.

Players occupying roster spots 1-24 will earn at least $42,000 in 2011.

Off-Budget Roster (10)

Roster Spots 21 to 30.  Generation adidas, developmental players, and home grown.  Players 24 and under that don’t count on the salary cap.  MLS teams can have a maximum of 10 off-budget players.

21Josh Lambo(Ga 1) GK US (11/19/90)
22Peri Marosevic(Ga 2) US F (5/5/89)
23Andrew Wiedeman(Ga 3) US F, has been playing some RB too.
24Bryan Leyva(HG 1) Mexican MF (2/9/92) green card.
25Ruben Luna(HG 2) (I?) Mexican striker
26Victor Ulloa(HG 3) Midfielder
27Moises Hernandez(HG 4) US D, former U20
28Jonathan Top(HG 5) US striker.
29Richard Sanchez(HG 6) Mexican keeper
30Bobby Warshaw2011 first round pick.  US M

Players occupying roster spots 21-30 will earn at least $32,600 in 2011.

Other Players

Anyone connected, rumored, tried out, waived, training invited, or signed as a short term player.

Kyle DaviesWaived 2011, US D
Christian Arrieta 31 Puerto Rican D
Kevin GallWelsh striker 29, trialist
Craig Hill2011 Supplemental pick, GK
Paul Ogunyemi2011 Supplemental pick, F/M
Maykel GalindoTrialist, ex-Chivas USA
Alexis Pradie2011 draft pick
Charlie Campbell2011 draft pick
Bruno MartinsSpring trialist, Brazilian Dmid.
Bryan MartinezSupplemental draft pick.
Sheldon PalmerJamaican spring trialist out of a Juco.
Jason Yeisley3010 FCD striker, let go in the spring.
Jeff CunninghamContract not renewed
Dario SalaContract not renewed
Heath PearceTraded to Chivas USA in pre-season
Atiba HarrisLost in the 2011 Expansion draft.
Dax McCartyLost in the 2011 Expansion draft.

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