Top 5 number 7s in FC Dallas history

As a follow up to our 25th season celebration series naming the top 5 players by position in FCD franchise history, I started a Top 5 FCD Players by Number series.

We are now on to the number 7. These next five numbers (7-11) are going to be a bit harder to rank.

Around these parts, we think numbers are important, and I had the idea that – if the season didn’t restart – it might be fun to spin the Top 5s a bit and do a Top 5 Players by Number series. Of course, the season did restart so the idea went on the back burner… until now.

Disclaimer: The 25th Season Top 5 Player lists were voted on by a committee. These Top 5 Player by Number lists are just mine. So come at me, bro!

Top 5 FCD Number 7s

7 is traditionally an attacking number for wide midfielders or winger – more on the right than the left – or sometimes an off-striker.

1Carlos GruezoThe #2 holding mid in franchise history, although 7 is an odd number choice for such a player. If he would have stayed he would have become a club legend. 93 games, 93 starts, 3 goals, 7 assists, 181 fouls committed, 25 yellow cards, and a paltry single ejection.
2Mark SantelA stalwart of the early Burn teams under Dave Dir he too was part of the great Colorado Foxes teams. Santel played a little center back, sweeper, and even wing back, but he’s mostly known as a wide right midfielder. He could even play on the left when needed. An MLS All-Star in 1996 and 1997. 
3Blas PerezDespite wearing the 7 to honor his Dad, Blas was a high-9 striker.  He even wore 9 his first season and swapped to the 7. He also came in at #2 in our Villains list, the players most hated by the opposition.   Led FCD in scoring for 3 years and finished with 97 games, 78 starts, 36 goals (3rd most in franchise history), 14 assists, and 5 red cards (tied FCD all-time lead with Leonel Alvarez).
4Eddie JohnsonJohnson finished right behind Perez on our high striker ranking and got an Honorable Mention as an off-striker.  Eddie went on to bigger things after leaving FCD, including the USMNT, but did lead the Burn in scoring in 2004 with 12 goals.
5Abe ThompsonThe underrated Abe Thompson was a solid squad contributor and off-the-bench threat in Dallas and makes this list ahead of the single-season excellence of Dave van den Bergh and short-timer Milton Rodriguez.  Thompson’s FCD numbers including playoffs over a quality 4 seasons: 72 games, 34 starts, 15 goals, and 11 assists.

What’s your list look like?

#7 – All-Time FCD Roster

Jesus Ferreira2020 to Current
Edwin GyasiEnd 2019
Carlos Gruezo2016 to Mid 2019
Blas Perez2013 to 2015
Fabian Castillo2012
Daniel CruzEnd 2011
Milton Rodriguez2010 to Mid 2011
Dave van den Bergh2009
Abe Thompson2006 to 2008
Eddie Johnson2001 to 2005
Mark Santel1996 to 2000

Up next?

The number 8.

I might need my Magic 8-Ball for this one.


  1. I think you might be looking at just his 2016 numbers when you say Gruezo conceded 55 fouls in his FC Dallas career. Barely more than a foul a game would be an insane rate for as good a D-Mid as he was! I think it’s closer to ~180 fouls.

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