Top 5 number 13s in FC Dallas history

As a follow up to our 25th season celebration series naming the top 5 players by position in FCD franchise history, I started a Top 5 FCD Players by Number series.

Time for Mr. Lucky! Hello, number 13.

Around these parts, we think numbers are important, and I had the idea that – if the season didn’t restart – it might be fun to spin the Top 5s a bit and do a Top 5 Players by Number series. Of course, the season did restart so the idea went on the back burner… until now.

Disclaimer: The 25th Season Top 5 Player lists were voted on by a committee. These Top 5 Player by Number lists are just mine. So come at me, bro!

Top 5 FCD Number 13s

It’s takes a little gumption, some balls, to wear the “unlucky” 13.

A number not aligned with any position but rather with a mentality.

1Dax McCartyMcCarty was our #3 All-Time Linking Mid and was a terrific young player for Dallas after coming out of college at 18 despite his lack of enjoyment for playing under Schellas Hyndman. Dax was a key part of the 2010 MLS Cup run then was insanely left exposed in the expansion draft. FCD numbers: 93 games, 71 starts, 5 goals, and 17 assists.  289 MLS games later he is still kicking but in MLS.  If he has stayed in Dallas he would be a club legend.
2Tesho AkindeleTesho came in at #4 in our Off-Striker ranking, #5 Most Underrated, and #1 Impact Sub.  He never became a full-time starter in Dallas but his numbers are undeniable: 142 games, 71 starts, 27 goals, and 8 assists (including playoffs).  2014 MLS Rookie of the Year.
3Brian HaynesAn Honorable Mention Right Mid/Wing for the Burn and T&T International, Haynes went on to be an assistant coach for the club. Haynes was 7 years into his career when MLS launched and spent a solid 5 years playing for the Burn as a 50% starter, 50% bench threat.  Dallas career: 87 games, 42 starts, 9 goals, and 6 assists.
4Zdenek OndrasekMan, people love them some Kobra. In the end – after doubting him for near a year – I did too. But over his 1 and a half seasons in Dallas, he played a paltry 23 games with 12 starts, 9 goals, and 3 assists.  Good production in percentage terms but those numbers aren’t gonna get him high on any list.
5Hernan PertuzThe 5th spot on the number 13 list was a tough one. In the end Pertuz’s one season (30 games, 24 starts, and 1 goal) edges out Carl Bussey’s two seasons (9 games, 1 start, and 1 assist) and Maykel Galindo’s one season (6 games, 1 start).  Take note, whoever takes the 13 in 2021, there’s room on this ranking for you!

What’s your list look like?

#13 – All-Time FCD Roster

Zdenek Ondrasek2019 to mid 2020
Tesho Akindele2014 to 2018
Bradlee Baladez2013
Hernan Pertuz2012
Maykel Galindo2011
Dax McCarty2006 to 2010
John Pulido2005
Mandi UrbasEnd 2003
Carl Bussey2002 to Mid 2003
Miguel Saavedra2001
Brian Haynes1996 to 2000

Up next?

The number 14. The most important number in FC Dallas franchise history.


  1. Re Dax being left exposed, it was a bad, bad decision. But not entirely baseless. Dax had injury issues in his early seasons (Pax’s situation reminds me of Dax). So there were concerns about Dax’s durability (which is amusing now considering the career Dax has had). Schellas and Dax did not exactly get along. They had a blowup at one point and Dax went into the doghouse. Credit to both of them, Dax worked his way out and Schellas let him out. But that relationship was never going to be a good one and Dax was never going to be a Schellas favorite. And lastly, if memory serves Dax was either up for a new contract or angling for a new contract and there was some inking that the club wasn’t ready to pony up for La Flecha Roja (the Hunts being miserly should surprise noone). It was a terrible decision from both a soccer standpoint (Dax had been healthy for a while and you just don’t let your best players go) and from a team management standpoint (even if you don’t want to keep him, Dax had value in a trade scenario so why let him go for nothing). While I thoroughly disagreed with the decision (in part because Dax was one of my favorite players), the club had a rationale. In a way, it’s almost more peak FCD that they came to a bad decision after careful consideration.

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