Top 10 – ways you know you are a Burn fan

Top Ten Ways you know you are a Burn fan.
1You hate the Chicago FireWell Duh!
2You don’t know what it feels like to support a team that misses the playoffsWhat do you mean not everyone gets to go to the playoffs?
3You know of more than 5 possible locations where an owner could put a 30,000-seat soccer-specific stadium in the Dallas areaYou know, like the one they have at SMU.
4You think Ron Newman is a Fat DrunkWas it that long ago?
5You don’t know what an Allocation isWhen was the last time the Burn had one?  1972?
6Your team wears Red and BlackNot Red and Blue… Not Black with Red trim… Not Red and Black with Yellow stripes.  Just Red and Black
7You constantly defend Fair Park as a family venuePlease, it’s only dangerous at 4 am on Saturday night.
8You actually thought about who “The Insider” might be and wondered what happened to himI still say he got traded to Miami.
9You call your General Manager by his first nameBest Front Office in MLS bar none.
10You know there is an MLS conspiracy where teams without owners get screwedEver seen a team without an owner in the MLS Cup?

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