Report: FC Dallas buys Alan Velasco

According to a report by Gastón Edul of TYC Sports, FC Dallas has completed the purchase of 19-year-old left wing Alan Velasco from Club Atlético Independiente in Argentina. Edul puts the figures at $7 million with an additional $1.8 million in incentives.

News of negotiations between the two club has been flying around the web over the last week and it now appears FC Dallas have landed the sensational winger.

Stay tuned as more reports or official announcements come in… like this one with some financial details.


  1. And I bet somewhere Luchi and OP are like 🤬!!!!! I still can’t believe that this is FCD we’re talking about. We’ve definitely won the arms race this off-season.

  2. Maybe there was a come-to-Jesus meeting at the end of the season after Marco couldn’t get the team to the playoffs in which they realized that they did not have enough talent… or maybe they have finally sold enough players to feel safe spending big. But I assume the plan is to bring in Velasco for 2-3 years and hope to flip him for $15-20 million.

  3. While i applaud the fact that FCD is finally going after blue-chip prospects, i’m a little concerned that the type of player they are acquiring won’t mesh as well as people think.
    Velasco is a 10 that will masquerade as an 11, Jesus is a 10 that will masquerade as a 9. From what i’ve seen in the past, two 10s playing together generally don’t enhance one another – instead one diminishes the other. To make this work well they are going to have to learn how to alternate being the primary goalscorer and primary playmaker throughout a match. I’m just not sure it is in their DNA to make that happen, at least not right away. I remember the few times that Vargas played with Jesus last year and how bad the offense became with that combination on the field together.
    Last year Atlanta had one of the most offensively talented teams in the league but they were a bottom table team in terms of production. The consensus was that despite having several plus attacking players, those players just didn’t play well together – their attack was disjointed and reliant on individual skill. I’m a little worried we might see some of that between Velasco and Ferreira. I certainly hope i’m wrong.

  4. What about schon???
    We need a creative European on the field
    I see a difference between our American players and our European players
    Americans are good but European are more accurate take my word
    Let szabolcs start

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