FCD trades for 3rd overall SuperDraft pick

FC Dallas has acquired the third overall 2022 SuperDraft pick and Dom Dwyer from Toronto FC in exchange for $50,000 in General Allocation Money (GAM). FCD immediately waived and exercised its one offseason Buyout of a Guaranteed Contract on Dwyer. Dwyer is now a free agent.

In essence, FCD paid $50k and took on Dwyer’s contract just so they could buy it out. Toronto FC clearly needed to keep their own buyout to use on someone else (reportedly Jozy Altidore).

Dwyer was on an $81,375 contract for half of 2021. So if that contract has a nice bump or just doubles for the full season in 2022, the buyout is probably in the range of $160k to $250k. Update: Maybe $350k?

FC Dallas now has the 3rd and 6th overall picks in the 2022 MLS SuperDraft.

Buyout money has to come from the team coffers or the owner’s pocket and isn’t made with TAM/GAM. So presumably, FCD has used a small amount from one of their player sales to make this move.

Dom Dwyer
Dom Dwyer. (Courtesy MLS)

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  1. i like it. I think this might be a play to get Parker from St Louis – he fits the profile of a dynamic wing that could be converted into a fullback/wingback. FCD now has a good shot at getting at least one of Keller or Parker which should make this a successful draft.

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