1999 season – post Chicago

You have to be happy holding the defending Champs scoreless, particularly after they had been tearing up MLS.  Matt Jordan was named MLS Player of the Week.  We are beginning to wonder if Dodd will ever get his place back.

Due to the Pareja injury, Kreis moved back into the playmaker slot and Trottman stayed in the first 11.  It was good to see some young players get in at the end of the game and hold their own. 

Here’s the 11 vs Chicago

 Trotman (Wilson 65) Washington (Rhine 90)
 Suarez (Haynes 80) Eck Alvarez Zarco
 Pollard Dade

As far as we know MLS is still trying to land one of the foreigners the Burn asked for to replace Trotman. Until that happens Mickey gets the nod.

Since the Burn hasn’t given up a goal all year we’re expecting essentially the same defensive lineup vs Miami Thursday night and at home Sunday versus Tampa.  With games that close together look for some young players to get the call in the midfield versus Miami.  Dade is also out on suspension.

Here are our Predictions
vs Miami

 Washington Trottman
 Suarez Deering Alvarez Wilson
 Pollard Zarco

VS. Tampa

 Suarez Eck Alvarez Zarco
 Pollard Dade

Deering will come on as a sub for someone in the midfield shortly after the half.

For the Miami ConFusion (This is a team in trouble so who knows really what could happen)

 Diego SernaRoberto Gaucho
 Carlos Valdarama
 Henry Guiterrez Carlos Parra Jim Rooney Jeff Bilyk
 Jay HeapsWade Webber
 Leo Cullen
 Jeff Cassar

If they really do bench Valdarama and Serna look for Tyrone Marshall up top and Nelson Vargas in the hole.

For the Charlotte (Tampa) Mutiny

 Alejandro SequieraJefferson Gottardi
 Mauricio Ramos
 Steve Ralston Paul Dougherty Jorge Salcedo Guillermo jara
 Dominic KinnearRT Moore
 Jan Eriksson
 Scott Garlick

This team has lots of injuries on defense, so Kinnear and Moore could both be replaced if people get healthy.

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